Traditional Chinese Manipulation

These techniques are not commonly used in the west. But they are similar to many manual therapy techniques. The study investigated their effect on pain felt in the abdomen. In common with previous studies it concludes that manipulation is more effective than medications. Whilst this data is specific to this subgroup of the general population it develops that idea that manipulation is an effective modality. Enjoy the read!

Clinical effect of traditional Chinese spinal orthopeadic manipulation in treatment of Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome

Xing, L et al2017



To evaluate the effect of Traditional Chinese Spinal Orthopedic Manipulation (TCSOM) in treating Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome (FAPS) in comparison with Pinaverium Bromide (Dicetel, PBD).


60 FAPS patients were randomly assigned to the TCSOM group and PBD group. The TCSOM group was treated with thumb pressing manipulation, every other day in the first week, and once every three days in the second week, for 5 times treatments. Patients in the PBD group were instructed totake 50 mg 3 x/day, consistently for 2 weeks. The symptoms were assessed on a VAS pain score. A symptom improvement rating (SIR) was implemented in order to evaluate the effects of the treatments, and to statistically compare the two groups.


Symptoms of 21 patients of the TCSOM group were resolved soon after the first spinal manipulation treatment and 4 cases were significantly improved. The VAS pain scores in the TCSOM group were significantly lower than those in the PBD group after 2 weeks treatment. There were no side effects in the TCSOM group after treatment.


TCSOM group performed much better than PBD group for relief of the symptoms of FAPS. Thumb pressing manipulation on thoracic and/or lumbar spine can resolve the stimuli caused by pressure exerting on the nerves and vessels around the spine. Treatment: with thumb pressing manipulation on the Back-Shu acupoints, the Jiaji (EX-B2) and the governor vessel acupoint had a very good clinical effect for abdominal pain indicating that it is an effective treatment for FAPS.

  • Complementary Therapies in Medicine 32 (2017) 19–24