Hip muscle imbalance in athletes & core strengthening

“Better core, less pain” has become a common clinical assumption. However, there is little evidence to support this. This article investigated the relationship between strengthening the core and LBP. It may have found a different relationship had they used a more task, region and plane specific strengthening regime.

Hip muscle imbalance and low back pain in athletes: influence of core strengthening

Nadler, Scott et al, 2002


The influence of a core-strengthening program on low back pain (LBP) in NCAA Division I collegiate athletes. Methods: Hip strength was measured during preparticipation physical examinations and occurrence of LBP was monitored throughout the year. All athletes then began a structured core-strengthening program, which emphasized abdominal, paraspinal, and hip extensor strengthening.


After core strengthening there was no statistically significant change in LBP occurrence.


Core strengthening did not reduce LBP occurence. It did however increase hip strength.

  • Med.Sci.SportsExerc.,Vol.34,No.1,2002,pp.9–16