Examination of the pelvic-hip region

This article discusses the evidence based examination of the pelvic-hip stabilisers. The role of clinical examination and investigations are discussed. Grimaldi’s paper complements previous articles on the “Kinematic Chain” concept of Butler (2003) Wainner’s “Regional Interdependance” (2007).  Enjoy the read!

Assessing lateral stability of the hip and pelvis


Grimaldi, A2010


Proper function of the hip abductors is integral to ideal lower limb function. Clinical assessment these may include
observation, muscle bulk, and control. Strength testing is perhaps our most robust assessment tool but should not be considered a
gold standard’. Evidence from MRI, and EMG provides a deeper understanding of control deficits. The assessment of abductor function should not be based on a single test, but a battery of tests. The findings will have important implications for management and particularly therapeutic exercise.

  • Manual Therapy 16 (2011) 26-32