Emotion and Neural Response on MRI

Emotion appeared to change CNS activity in this study. As clinicians we frequently see changes in pain syndromes and movements patterns. We also know that movement is controlled by CNS activity. This study may help use reason why emotion may change the movements we see in clinic. Furthermore, of possible clinical importance is that the negative emotions appeared to have preference over the positive ones. Enjoy the read!

Emotion dependant responses on MRI

Smith, S et al2011


 Previous research demonstrated emotional stimuli receive preferential processing in the brain. This study was to establish if emotion specific responses are observable in the spinal cord using functional MRI. During negative emotion, activity was detected in the left dorsal and right ventral spinal cord. The pattern was reversed in response to neutral and positive stimuli. These results demonstrate preferential motor responses to negative emotional images by the spinal cord, likely indicating an enhancement of activity in response to threat.
  • NeuroImage 58 (2011) 269–274