CNS changes with Spinal Manipulation

This investigates the effects of Spinal Manipulation on blood biochemistry and neurophysiology. PET scan demonstrated changes in CNS activity including physiological relaxation and reduced sympathetic nervous activity. This is a desirable effect in certain sub-groups of our patients. See what you think!

Glucose changes after Spinal Manipulation

I Inami et al2016



To investigate changes in brain and muscle glucose metabolism using positron emission tomography (PET).

Study design/setting

PET scan after spinal manipulation and at rest (control).

Patient sample

21 male volunteers with neck pain.


After spinal manipulation (using an activator); activation of dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, cerebellar vermis and somatosensory association cortex and deactivation of prefrontal cortex and temporal sites. Glucose uptake in skeletal muscle showed a trend towards decreased metabolism.


Spinal manipulation may lead to physiological relaxation via a reduction in sympathetic nervous system activity.

  • Hindawi, Evidence Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine, Vol 2017, Article ID 4345703