Category: Pathology

Examining Static Posture

This is thought provoking for the “back to basics” approach. The article discusses the relationship between static coronal plane mal-alignment and L-S and hip pathology. Enjoy the read! Association of mild leg length discrepancy and degenerative changes in the hip joint and lumbar spine Murray, K et al, 2017 Abstract: Objective To evaluate the relationship between mild […]

Arthritis in Joints (Hip, Elbow, Foot, Ankle, Toes, Wrist) after Sports Injuries

Surgical solutons to joint pathology are becoming increasingly commonplace. Having a sound understanding of pathology and the potential role of surgery helps clinicians understand their role in treatment. This article eloquently describes the relationship between pathology and surgery and develops clinical understadning of their place in clinical practice. Osteoarthritis in Other Joints (Hip, Elbow, Foot, […]

Athletic Injuries

The relationship between site of pain and dysfunction has been discussed. The kinetic chain concept described by various authors including Butler offeres an explanation of pain distal to the site of dysfunction. This article discusses this concept in female PFP participants. Hip and Groin Injuries in Athlete Anderson, Kyle et al, 2001 Study Design: Although […]