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Normal Movement

This is an “in depth” article. It took me a few reads to get through. The role of the neurophysiological system in the development of movement is discussed. Its value as a therapists is that it is aimed at developing therapist’s understanding of normal movement, the very thing therapists strive to create every day. Volitional […]

Hip Abductor Weakness in Distance Runners with ITB Syndrome

This article compliments Dierks study. It develops kinetic chian theory helps clinicians understand the relationship between pain site and pain source. It highlights the role of the hip in ITB syndrome. An emergent theme shows that hip dysfunction is a consistant patterns in the ITB poulation. Hip Abductor Weakness in Distance Runners with Iliotibial Band Syndrome Fredericson, Michael et al, […]

Sports injury article for the kinetic chain

The relationship between site of pain and dysfunction has been discussed. The kinetic chain concept described by various authors including Butler offeres an explanation of pain distal to the site of dysfunction. This article discusses this concept in female PFP participants. Hip Strength in Females With and Without Patellofemoral Pain Ireland, Mary et al, 2003 […]

Running patterns and style

Clinicians and strength and conditioning coaches frequently work alongside each other. However athletes often leave the care of one and transfer to the other. This article suggests that both professionals are working towards the same goal – efficiency of movement. Read it through and see how if it changes your perspective of the current boundaries […]