Category: Core stability

Examination of the pelvic-hip region

This article discusses the evidence based examination of the pelvic-hip stabilisers. The role of clinical examination and investigations are discussed. Grimaldi’s paper complements previous articles on the “Kinematic Chain” concept of Butler (2003) Wainner’s “Regional Interdependance” (2007).  Enjoy the read! Assessing lateral stability of the hip and pelvis   Grimaldi, A, 2010 Abstract: Proper function of the […]

Hip muscle imbalance in athletes & core strengthening

“Better core, less pain” has become a common clinical assumption. However, there is little evidence to support this. This article investigated the relationship between strengthening the core and LBP. It may have found a different relationship had they used a more task, region and plane specific strengthening regime. Hip muscle imbalance and low back pain […]

Core Stability and Injury in Athletes

Core stability is currenty thought to reduce injury rates. This article highlights the role of the hip in injury prevention. Greater clinical scrutiny of hip strength may assist clinicians when attempting to reduce future injury rates in their athletes. Core Stability Measures as Risk Factors for Lower Extremity Injury in Athletes Leetun, Darin et al, […]