Category: Clinical tests

Examination of the pelvic-hip region

This article discusses the evidence based examination of the pelvic-hip stabilisers. The role of clinical examination and investigations are discussed. Grimaldi’s paper complements previous articles on the “Kinematic Chain” concept of Butler (2003) Wainner’s “Regional Interdependance” (2007).  Enjoy the read! Assessing lateral stability of the hip and pelvis   Grimaldi, A, 2010 Abstract: Proper function of the […]

Hip Examination

This is a wonderful article for clinicians. It discusses the component parts of a commonly used therapist’s examination for the region and highlights the science behind it. A very sound clinical read. Assessing lateral stability of the hip and pelvis Grimaldi, Alison, 2011 Abstract: Hip abductor function is important in lower limb function. This article discusses […]

Prone Knee Bend in test LBP

In clinical practice its becoming more apparent that we need to understand what is a normal reaction to a clinical test. This may sound obvious but what is the normal increase in lumbar lordosis during the prone lying knee flexion test? This article demonstrates the need for greater understanding of common clinical tests. Read it […]

Static Tests and Balance

When I’m teaching many clinicians say “I assess balance by XX test” and find its normal. But my patients still struggle to perform XX activity. This article demonstrates the need for clinical tests to be task specific. Read it through and see how it changes your clinical practice. Relationship between static and dynamic balance abilities […]

Agreeing on clinical tests

I was thinking about why medics and therapists sometimes disagree on a diagnosis. This seems to spark lively debates between practitioners particularly regarding the time honoured lumbar spine V SI joint debate. This started me thinking about the tests we use. Take a look at this research. Evaluation of the Presence of Sacroiliac Joint Region […]