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Spinal Manipulation-Biomech-Physiology link

This review found that spinal manipulation changed biomechanics and physiology. This article offers a potential model upon which to develop hypotheses for the effects of manipulation and clinical reasoning.  Enjoy the read! Neurophysiological effects of spinal manipulation Pickar, J, 2002 Abstract: Despite clinical evidence for the benefits of spinal manipulation there is relatively limited evidence for the […]

Tips for learning to manipulate

This study investigated how using feedback improved the techniques of the students when learning to manipulate. Reassuringly it demonstrates that students were able to generate repeatable force levels when manipulating. Whilst the article does not expand on this further, this suggests improved technique efficacy and medical safety for the patients being manipulated. Practice makes perfect […]

Manipulation Optimal Dosage

This addresses the question “How many treatments do I need.” My interpretation is that manipulation improved pain and health status. However, it reinforces my personal opinion that prolonged treatment yields little improvement and hence is often not indicated. See what you think! Dose-response and efficacy of spinal manipulation for care of chronic low back pain: a […]

Spinal Manipulation

This is a review article for clinicians. It discusses the potential effects of spinal manipulation. A very good clinical read. The biomechanics of spinal manipulation W, Herzog, 2010 Abstract: The Biomechanical forces used during high speed manipulations and their physiological responses are described. The forces varied greatly and produced distal responses to proximal manipulation. Cavitation was […]

Hand speed during manipulation

“How fast should the manipulation be ….” is a common question on the course. Some are taught by feel and effect only. The following article offers quantitative data for how fast the movement is in clinical practice. We often use accelerometers on the Spinal Manipulation course to help students learn the technique and compare themselves to normal manipulation […]

Chiropractic Theory

I’m often asked what is the difference between physiotherapists, osteopaths and Chiropractic. This is an old article but describes the origins of Chiropractic. Its thought provoking and supplements the later evidence for Chiropractic. Read it through and see how it increases your understanding of this test. Chiropractic: A Deviant Theory of Disease and Treatment in […]