Athletic Injuries

The relationship between site of pain and dysfunction has been discussed. The kinetic chain concept described by various authors including Butler offeres an explanation of pain distal to the site of dysfunction. This article discusses this concept in female PFP participants.

Hip and Groin Injuries in Athlete

Anderson, Kyle et al, 2001

Study Design:

Although athletic injuries about the hip and groin occur less commonly than injuries in the extremities, they can result in extensive rehabilitation time. Imaging modalities are effective diagnostic tools when selected on the basis of a thorough history and physical examination. Controversy exists as to the cause and optimal treatment of groin pain in athletes, or the so-called “sports hernia.” There is also attention on intraarticular lesions that may be amenable to hip arthroscopy. This article reviews common hip and groin conditions in athletic patients.

  • AM J SM. 2001;4:521-533.