Sports injury article for the kinetic chain

The relationship between site of pain and dysfunction has been discussed. The kinetic chain concept described by various authors including Butler offeres an explanation of pain distal to the site of dysfunction. This article discusses this concept in female PFP participants.

Hip Strength in Females With and Without Patellofemoral Pain

Ireland, Mary et al, 2003

Study Design:



To determine if females with anterior knee pain are more likely to demonstrate hip abduction or external rotation weakness than a similar, asymptomatic, age-matched control group.


Hip abduction and external rotation isometric strength measurements were recorded for the injured side of 15 female subjects with patellofemoral joint pain and compared with control subjects. All strength measurements were made using hand-held dynamometers.


Subjects with patellofemoral pain demonstrated 26% less hip abduction strength (P.001) and 36% less hip external rotation strength (P.001) than similar age-matched controls.


Young women with patellofemoral pain are more likely to demonstrate weakness in hip abduction as well as external rotation.

  • J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2003;33:671-676.