Archives: April 2017

Traditional Chinese Manipulation

These techniques are not commonly used in the west. But they are similar to many manual therapy techniques. The study investigated their effect on pain felt in the abdomen. In common with previous studies it concludes that manipulation is more effective than medications. Whilst this data is specific to this subgroup of the general population […]

Manipulation Risks

This paper reviews the risks of manipulation. Primary risks are the familiar ones; stroke and vertebral artery. When you consider that 1:100 patients develop significant side effects from NSAIDs this study demonstrated that risk from manipulation is low – 1:20,000 to 1:250,000,000. So, subgroup, screen and applied effectively the evidence supports it as a suitable treatment […]

Tips for learning to manipulate

This study investigated how using feedback improved the techniques of the students when learning to manipulate. Reassuringly it demonstrates that students were able to generate repeatable force levels when manipulating. Whilst the article does not expand on this further, this suggests improved technique efficacy and medical safety for the patients being manipulated. Practice makes perfect […]