Archives: November 2015

Are we afraid to move

Does fear of moving change the way in which we move? This is a common question from students. This is a recent article describing the relationship between fear of movement and movement patterns. Read it through and see how it develops your understanding of this relationship. Trunk motor control deficits in acute and subacute low […]

Running patterns and style

Clinicians and strength and conditioning coaches frequently work alongside each other. However athletes often leave the care of one and transfer to the other. This article suggests that both professionals are working towards the same goal – efficiency of movement. Read it through and see how if it changes your perspective of the current boundaries […]

Prone Knee Bend in test LBP

In clinical practice its becoming more apparent that we need to understand what is a normal reaction to a clinical test. This may sound obvious but what is the normal increase in lumbar lordosis during the prone lying knee flexion test? This article demonstrates the need for greater understanding of common clinical tests. Read it […]