Archives: October 2015

Static Tests and Balance

When I’m teaching many clinicians say “I assess balance by XX test” and find its normal. But my patients still struggle to perform XX activity. This article demonstrates the need for clinical tests to be task specific. Read it through and see how it changes your clinical practice. Relationship between static and dynamic balance abilities […]

Agreeing on clinical tests

I was thinking about why medics and therapists sometimes disagree on a diagnosis. This seems to spark lively debates between practitioners particularly regarding the time honoured lumbar spine V SI joint debate. This started me thinking about the tests we use. Take a look at this research. Evaluation of the Presence of Sacroiliac Joint Region […]

Spinal Manipulation Course Students

“WATCH THIS SPACE” – for those of you who are already booked for the upcoming Spinal Manipulation courses, I am releasing some pre-course reading / viewing. It will be a mixture of information that I hope will enhance your learning experience when you come on the course. Keep checking the web-site in the weeks before the […]

I love this stuff

I’ve been injecting patients for 20 years. Recently a slightly nervous patient asked me how many I’ve done. Luckily I’d just been doing some stats so when I replied “I stopped counting at 1000” they seemed somewhat assured. The conversation usually progresses with these patients to “what is best, rest, physio, exercises or the injection.” […]

Ongoing learning in therapy paradigms

“Lifelong learning” has long talked about. Here is an exploration of that concept within the manual therapy world. Certainly makes you think. The impact of Masters education in manual and manipulative therapy Perry, J et al 2011 Abstract This study aimed to explore the professional and personal impact that a clinical Masters program of manipulative therapy education […]

Hand speed during manipulation

“How fast should the manipulation be ….” is a common question on the course. Some are taught by feel and effect only. The following article offers quantitative data for how fast the movement is in clinical practice. We often use accelerometers on the Spinal Manipulation course to help students learn the technique and compare themselves to normal manipulation […]

Prognosis in Acute Low Back Pain

I was reading through some of the evidence on acute low back pain and thought this was interesting. How many times do you hear “it will settle in 6 weeks with or without your physio. Just wait and see!”. Take a look at this research. Prognosis in patients with recent onset low back pain in […]