Lumbar Spine and Lower Limb

This is a two day post graduate course for the Lumbar Spine, Pelvis, Hip and Lower Limb. It covers the examination, diagnosis, subgrouping, spinal manipulation, FACTS taping and task specific rehabilitation for these regions. The current common manipulative concepts of osteopathy, chiropractic, medicine and physiotherapy are discussed and the author’s unique “Change Concept” is introduced.

Unique treatment techniques for each of the regions are taught including high velocity thrust manipulations. FACTS taping of the region is introduced as a technique to help instantly change neuromuscular movement patterns and facilitate rehabilitation. Clinical rehabilitation regimes which are task, region and plane specific are explained. These courses are evidence informed and involve a significant practical element. The aim is; learn today, create instant changes tomorrow.

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"For a researching therapist he really blends a lot of manual therapy into his treatments. I feel re-focused for tomorrow's patients. Awesome!" Edinburgh, Nov 2016

"Great to get all the supervision with handling." Edinburgh, Nov 2016